C-DACs software to process seismic data for oil exploring

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The Times of India
April 28, 2023


C-DAC’s software to process seismic data for oil exploring

Pune: Scientists from Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) Pune, IIT Roorkee, and Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, Dehradun are developing a high-performance computer-based seismic imaging software called SeisRTM to end the dependence of Indian oil and gas companies on foreign software.

Seismic explorations are carried out to collect data in search of oil and gas reserves which is then processed by foreign software to create images of the earth's subsurface based on which decisions about drilling locations are made.

“There is heavy dependence on expensive foreign software. Under the National Supercomputing Mission, we have been able to develop a software which will be useful for hydrocarbon exploration and will be much cheaper,” Magesh E, director general of C-DAC said.

C-DAC started working on SiesRTM in 2019. The software is in the testing and validation stage and will be launched next year.

“Reverse time migration software is the most effective and used method to image the subsurface currently. Once we wrote the software (SeisRTM), we needed to test it. We are getting the datasets to test from the ONGC. After processing it, we send the images back to ONGC for validation of our results using the currently available software. The best part about this software is that it is easily customizable unlike the ones we buy or license from abroad,” Richa Rastogi, associate director at C-DAC, said.