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Comprehensive Spatial Decision Support System for Forest Management ( Bodoland Territory)

Duration: 3 Years (Start Date: January 2008, Completion Date: December 2010)

Objective and brief description:

The Bodoland Territorial Districts Area (BTAD) is a newly formed council (also known as Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC)). The Ministry of Tribal affairs, Government of India has recognized the need to provide special incentives to tribal areas and therefore enacted the Tribal and other traditional forest dwellers (right of) Act 2005. However the only way to make all such schemes effective is by enhancing the coordination that will happen through a Comprehensive Spatial Decision Support System (SDSS) for – BTAD.

The present proposal aims to develop a strategic plan based upon geospatial information, this already identifies the priority areas - mainly in rural development - as natural resource management & utilization and Decision Support Systems. The project also attempts to integrate and generate comprehensive information on the priority areas for the future policy formulation. This will ultimately ensure the household food security and improve the livelihood opportunities as well as the overall quality of life of the tribal population.

Major objectives of the project were:

Present Status: Ongoing