C-DAC Centre @ Bengaluru

About Centre:

Bengaluru C-DAC, Bengaluru centre, is the 2nd of C DAC centres to be established in 1989 to carry-out research and deliver solutions and products in the area of System Software for PARAM series of super computers of C-DAC. PARAM Padma, housed at C-DAC's Terascale Supercomputing Facility (CTSF) is a result of its third mission project in High Performance Computing Technologies.

The centre is highly acclaimed as a centre for excellence in the thematic areas of High Performance and Grid Computing, Cyber Security and Cyber Forensic, Professional Electronics, FOSS and Software Technologies, Language and Heritage Computing and Training



  • Deliver cutting edge computing technologies
  • Continue to maintain strengths in System Software Development
  • Indigenously develop generic automation technologies
  • Cater to the automation of everyday objects and activities
  • Preserve and propagate the rich Indian Heritage
  • Impart quality training in high-end technologies

Main Objectives of C-DAC Bengaluru are:

  • Enhancing India's role as a leader in Software Engineering and Allied Disciplines.
  • To Carry out R & D in Software-intensive Systems and Technologies.
  • To provide training & education in Software Engineering.