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Blockchain - What's the hype about?

Blockchain has been creating a lot of buzz for being the technology behind the "magic beans" (Bitcoins). So let’s understand the hype behind it.


Blockchain Explained - Concept, Function and Security

Blockchain is a promising and revolutionary technology and there seem to be a lot of work happening around it. But is everyone familiar with this trailblazer?


Benefits of Blockchain that can Transform Businesses

The market of blockchain is evolving very rapidly and the reason is its ability to provide some prodigious benefits for the businesses.


Blockchain - The Technology for Document Management

The management and security of documents is a complex undertaking which can be made much easier, cheaper and more efficient with Blockchain.


Digital Signatures

How Digital Signatures are The Future of Document Authentication?

The digital signature market is expected to grow manifolds with various sectors adopting this advanced practice of authentication which is faster, cheaper and secure, but how?


e-Hastakshar: A Secure and Convenient Approach to Digital Signing.

With the countless number of business transactions and document exchange happening over the internet today, who doesn’t need a secure, reliable and legal method of signing and authenticating documents?


National Initiatives

National Common Mobility Card - A Single Card for a Gamut of Digital Transactions

Imagine the convenience of carrying just one card which can take care of both your banking and transport requirements. It could be used at transport vendors and for other merchant payments with equal ease. Well that’s a reality now.

National Initiatives

Emergency Response Support System: A big step in reaching out to the distressed

A unified emergency response number was the need of the hour not only to end the confusion amongst distress callers but to make the system faster and efficient.

National Initiatives

e-Pramaan: A National Authentication Service along with Aadhaar

Here comes a multifactor centralized authentication mechanism to provide a standard based highly secure identity management system for the integrated services.