Success Stories & Testimonials

Comments by visitors to C-DAC

  • "Stands as a strong pulsating symbol of our excellence in Information Technology. Needles to say, it makes us feel proud as citizens of India".

    Mr. Yogendra Narain
    Secretary General, Rajya Sabha
    March 14, 2004

  • "We are very impressed with the development of the institute and amazed with the progress of Indian Technology"

    Dr. Vanchai Sirichana
    Founding President, Mae Fah Luang University, Thailand
    April 23, 2004

  • "Your work is so impressive and on world science high level"

    Mr. Bozidar Etlinger
    Ruder Boskovic Institute (RBI), Croatia
    April 27, 2004

  • "Great work-India is moving ahead, I am proud of the work being done here"

    Dr. Vinod K. Goel
    The World Bank, Washington DC, USA
    April 27, 2004