Iris Matcher

Brief Description:

Performs the verification and identification using iris modality.

Main uses and domain :

Law & Enforcement Agencies, Access control, Time Attendance, Person Identification and Authentication, Border control, Security, Cyber Security, Criminal Identification, Social Security, National ID programs, etc.

Features and Technical Specifications:

  • Identification (1:N) / Verification (1:1).
  • The system is fully interoperable and compliant to the International Standard: ISO/IEC 19794 - 6:2011.
  • A high performance Iris Recognition System, suitable for government and security agencies.
  • It is equipped with a multi-layered robust quality assessment scheme, which makes it highly suitable for non-ideal environments.
  • The system also enables identification of persons with Spectacles, Contact Lenses, persons from distance and with wide gaze angles.

Platform required (if any):

  • Works on Windows, Linux and Android.

Contact Details for Techno Commercial Information:

  • Dr. UrjaswalaVora - (urja[at]cdac[dot]in)
  • Sweta Suhasaria- (swetas[at]cdac[dot]in)

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Mumbai 400 049
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