Unveiling Cyber Forensics R&D Roadmap of India by MeitY

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Unveiling Cyber Forensics R&D Roadmap of India by MeitY

Need for Cyber Forensics Road Map

Advancements in Information Technology resulted in the emergence of new variants of Cyber Crimes. Law Enforcement Agencies also need to be a step ahead in order to nab the cyber criminals. The lack of sufficient tools and technologies has been a hindrance to the investigation of new variants of modern-day cyber crimes. This necessitates the need for state-of-the-art cyber forensics tools to collect evidential artefacts in cyber crimes and conduct a proper forensics examination to ensure that the relevant information is processed as per standard scientific procedures. Hence, it is imperative to establish a strategic plan in the form of a roadmap to tackle these challenges with precision and effectiveness.

The Objective of the event Stratagem

The objective of the event Stratagem was to unveil the Cyber Forensics R&D Roadmap of the country. This event initiates a collective journey of all stakeholders in Academia, Govt. Organizations and Industries to address the challenges faced by the Cyber Crime Investigators in the country.

Stratagem- Cyber Forensics R&D Roadmap of India Unveiling Event

Held on: 16th November 2023
Location: Thiruvananthapuram

Inaugurated By: Shri. Bhuvnesh Kumar, Additional Secretary at Meity

The event brought together various attendees from User Agencies, Industries and Academia in the field of Cyber Forensics.

Shri Kalai Selvan A, Director, CDAC Trivandrum gave the welcome address and expressed gratitude to all attendees and emphasized the significance of the Stratagem event. He also briefed about other major projects of CDAC, Vega processor project, NAMPET and ERS project.

Ms. Tulika Pandey, GC, Cyber Security R&D Group, MeitY, provided a concise overview of the roadmap. She declared Stratagem 1.0 as the first roadmap unveiling event in the area of Cyber Security in India for the Cyber Forensics domain. She highlighted the importance of the unique Cyber Forensics Roadmap unveiled to initiate research in the country to build Make in India Cyber Forensics Tools. She mentioned the need for having more roadmaps in other domains of Cyber Security. She also requested support from all stakeholders who attended the event to revise and realize the roadmap.

Shri. Bhuvnesh Kumar, Additional Secretary at Meity, delivered the Keynote Address, shedding light on the government's perspective and appreciated the effort put out for the event. He pointed out the necessity for Public Private Partnerships and Collaboration with Stakeholders for doing R&D in any Cyber Security area.


Shri. Pradeep Saji, Director of FSL, delivered a Special Address, emphasizing the role of forensic science laboratories in supporting cyber investigations. He mentioned the importance of protecting private data and the upcoming Data privacy bill. He also highlighted the importance of Data Analytics in Cyber Forensics.

Shri Bhadran V K, Technical Director at Alibi Global Pvt. Ltd, shared industry insights in his Special Address, highlighting the importance of prioritising the sub-areas in the Cyber Forensics R&D Roadmap and to start realizing it based on priority. He also mentioned the need for Make-in-India tools for Social Media Analytics, Cloud Forensics and Image/Video Analytics. He also highlighted the need for more 79A Accredited Cyber Forensics labs in India.

Shri E. Magesh, Director General, CDAC delivered a Special Address and mentioned the need to initiate Research to explore Data extraction from trending drives like Fusion drives. He has pointed out the need to consider mobile phone data acquisition including legacy phones as the culprits are still using the legacy phones.

Ms. Dija S from the Cyber Forensics Section at CDAC provided a detailed overview of CDAC's Cyber Forensics Activities, showcasing the organization's contributions to advancing the field.

Cyber Forensics R&D Roadmap of India 1.0





The unveiling of the roadmap marked a significant step forward in addressing the challenges faced by Cyber Crime Investigators in the country.

We are seeking feedback on further enhancing the roadmap.

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