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Cybersecurity is a global issue, but every country has its own definition of critical infrastructure and India has categorized seven major sectors as critical infrastructure: telecommunications, power and energy, banking and financial services, transportation, strategic entities, government enterprises, and healthcare based on the importance of these sectors to its economy and the livelihood of citizens.

C-DAC develops various Critical Infrastructure Security tools and technologies which would protect those assets, systems, and networks that provide functions necessary for our way of life. Today critical infrastructure faces challenges such as understanding the behaviour of the SCADA environment during the attacks, inability to test attacks and plan appropriate incidence response. These technologies developed by C-DAC start from the major aspect of creating a Testbed for realizing the different critical infrastructure sector activities, further, this testbed is equipped with OT-specific Asset Management Tool (AMT) and Security Operations Center(SOC). These tools follow a standard "NIST Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Security". Other tools viz. SCADA Protocol Anomaly detector (SPADE) and COPS Defender - Securing IEC 870-5-104 using IEC 62351 Standards address the protocol security aspects of Critical Infrastructure security.


A further challenge is related to the lack of interdisciplinary human resources. Practically it is difficult to bring together individuals from different domains such as information security, control systems, SCADA security etc. C-DAC has also developed a CI Security Research Kit for conducting experiments over a Critical Infrastructure Hardware/Software Kit which can be used for research as well as educational purposes.

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