Brief Description

A low cost Digital Signal Processing (DSP) board which is based on STM32 ARM Cortex family microcontroller.By default the board is powered from a +5V supply from USB cable. A low power codec SGTL5000 has been used to support all the audio processing experiments. The open source IDE like Eclipse Neon or CooCox software can be used to write the code in high level language. The open source firmware Dfuse provided by ST Microelectronics can be used to program the microcontroller. The design can be controlled and configured through PC using high speed USB interface provided on the board. A software based function generator which will be provided along with the DSP board to the students. The peripherals on the board have been chosen carefully to enable the students perform the basic experiments without the need of any other components/target boards in the domain of digital signal processing.

Main Uses and Domain

The board is specially designed for facilitating the students and faculty to experiment with the concepts Digital Signal Processing. The board offers a rich set of features that make it suitable for use in the following: Laboratory for undergraduate & postgraduate courses, Variety of design projects, Perform simple to complex signal processing experiments. The Main Advantages of the indigenously developed board are: Low Cost, Simple hardware, Open source programmer, On-board peripherals to perform digital signal processing experiments to support basic to complex DSP experimentation.

Features and Technical Specifications

ARM Cortex M4 32 bit STM32F411XC microcontroller, SGTL5000 Codec IC, 8 MHz Oscillator Frequency, RS232 Communication, Microchip 16 MBit SPI Serial Flash, USB Cable for providing power and programming, 8 LEDS and 4 Pushbuttons, One LCD (16x2) display, Line and MIC input, Headphone output.

Platform required(if any)

The board is designed to work with the open source IDE like Eclipse neon or CooCox. The free software Dfuse can be used to program the board.

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Contact Details for Techno Commercial Information

Dr. Arti Noor
Associate Director,C-DAC,Noida
e-mail id: artinoor[at]cdac[dot]in