Brief Description

This is a low cost Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) board easily affordable by the institutions as well as individuals and based on the Spartan-6 FPGA Chip provided by Xilinx. By default the board is powered from a +5V supply from USB cable and ready-to-use hardware suitable for hosting digital circuits ranging from basic logic devices to complex controllers. The design can be controlled and configured through PC using high speed USB interface provided on the board. The board is designed to work with the free ISE WebPack software from Xilinx. A user friendly programmer has been developed to program the board.

Main Uses and Domain

The board is specially designed for facilitating the students and faculty to experiment with the concepts of system design using FPGAs. The board offers a rich set of features that make it suitable for use in the following: Laboratory for undergraduate & postgraduate courses, Variety of design projects, and Development of sophisticated digital systems. Also, since the board is based on Spartan-6 which is widely used in Industry for prototyping, so the students can become well versed in the technology used in industry. This gives the students an edge over others in industry.

Features and Technical Specifications

The Spartan 6 LX4 with 600 slices, each containing four LUTs and eight Flip Flops, 216 Kb fast Block RAM, Two CMTs (two DCMs and one PLL), 8 DSP48A1 slices, SPI Flash ROM that stores FPGA configuration indefinitely, 25 MHz oscillator frequency, USB cable for providing power and programming interface, 8 LEDs, 4 Push buttons, 12 slide switches, 4 digit seven segment display, 8 bit VGA display, UART communication pins, 30 pin expansion connectors

Platform required(if any)

The board is designed to work with the free ISE Webpack provided by Xilinx. The software required to program the board has been developed indigenously by CDAC Noida.

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Contact Details for Techno Commercial Information

Dr. Arti Noor
Associate Director,C-DAC,Noida
e-mail id: artinoor[at]cdac[dot]in