ICPS Training Program 2020

About ICPS:

The Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical System (ICPS) is identified as an emerging field of technology, which is expected to have significant impact on healthcare, transportation, water distribution, energy, air-soil-water quality, manufacturing and governance. The term Cyber-Physical system (CPS), in general, refers to computer based inference, decision and control of 'physical' systems. CPS involves large number of embedded sensors and actuators, interconnected through Internet-of-Things (IoT), with computer based analytics for the purpose of monitoring, controlling and optimizing systems like smart farms, energy grids, precision agriculture, smart cities and villages etc. It also covers the broad spectrums of Quantum Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Data Science, Big Data Analytics, Cyber Security etc.

CPS based technology solutions is envisaged to be the technology of present and future in order to manage the growing needs of food, utilities and services of the nation.

Objective of the Training Programme:

Understanding the ever-growing technology needs and requirements in the fields of Cyber Security, Quantum Computing, Data Sciences, Big Data Analytics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence etc , the two week training programme is aimed at facilitating the Faculty/Research Scholars/ PG/UG Students to enhance their skills in the respective domains to cater technology needs of the day.


16th to 27th March 2020


CDAC, Kolkata


Eligibility criteria for the participants:

The workshop is open to Faculty/Doctoral/PG/UG Students. As the workshop is of Interdisciplinary nature, Engineering Faculty members, Research Scholars, PG/UG students of Electrical, Electronics, Computers, Information Technology disciplines along with Applied Mathematics can also attend the Program.

Registration Procedure:

Download the registration form. Scanned copy of filled in registration form duly signed by the Head of the College/Institute/Organisation along with the Caste Certificate (if applicable) to be sent to the mail Id: dst2weeks2020[at]cdac[dot]in

Mail confirmation will be sent to the selected participants well in advance.

Contact Co-Ordinators:
Name Email Contact No
Shri Vamshi Krishna Palakurthi, Principal Engineer vamshi[dot]palakurthi[at]cdac[dot]in 9674994995/7981448420
Smt Dr Hena Roy, Joint Director hena[dot]roy[at]cdac[dot]in 9830764590
Shri Alokesh Ghosh, Associate Director alokesh[dot]ghosh[at]cdac[dot]in 9088027077
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