One day Workshop on Blockchain and eSign

Objective of the Workshop

  • Sensitize various stakeholders on Blockchain technology, e-Sign, implementation challenges and potential use cases
  • Provide a common platform for stakeholders to network, exchange ideas, discuss problems and potential solutions using Blockchain & e-Sign
  • Identify Government departments / user agencies who can collaborate with C-DAC for implementing Blockchain and e-Sign in e-Governance & other projects

About Blockchain

Blockchain is an innovative distributed ledger technology where verification of data for the transactional records is cryptographically secured against tampering and stored in blocks. Each block contains details of transactions, hash of the previous block, time stamp etc. The chained blocks form a ledger which is stored at every node in the network, thus providing high-availability and avoiding single point of failure. This also enables transparency and gives unique solution to the problem of trust in digital world, leading towards decentralized trust. This technology has a good potential in non-financial sectors such as Governance, healthcare, cyber security, automobiles, media, travel, hospitality, energy, smart cities etc. C-DAC has developed Proof of Existence as a Service (PoEaaS) that helps to verify document ownership without revealing actual data on Blockchain.

About e-Sign

C-DAC’s e-Sign service is to offer on-line service to citizens for instant signing of their documents securely in a legally acceptable form. Using this, an Aadhaar holder with registered mobile number with Aadhaar can electronically sign a form/document anytime, anywhere, using any device. C-DAC utilizes service of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) for on-line authentication and Aadhaar e-KYC service.

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Registrations are Closed

Date: 26th Feb 2020
Timing - 9:30 a.m to 5:00 p.m
Venue: The Plaza Hotel, Paryatak Bhavan, Greenlands, Begumpet, Hyderabad

  • Gain basic understanding of Blockchain and e-Sign
  • Understand potential use cases of Blockchain and e-Sign
  • Interaction with experts for real time problems specific to their department / organization
  • Collaboration for jointly implementing Blockchain and e-Sign in e-Governance projects and other applications

  • Fundamentals of Blockchain technology
  • Decentralised applications and their benefits
  • Potential use cases of Blockchain implementation in Property record management, digital certificates management, healthcare records management and so on
  • LIVE demonstrations of Proof of Existence as a Service (PoEaaS)
  • Introduction to e-Sign, architecture and its role in e-Governance
  • e-Sign benefits, use cases & on-boarding process
  • Demonstration of sample e-Sign application
  • Opportunities, societal impact and challenges

  • Senior members working in the area of e-Governance, judiciary, education, banking, finance, agriculture, health care, revenue and so on
  • Policy makers and officials from various central & state government departments
  • Representatives of software / IT firms working in cyber security, blockchain, e-Governance projects

  • Rs 2000/- per participant from Industry
  • FREE for Government Officials

Note: Maximum 2 Persons per Department, First cum First Serve Basis

Experts from Industry, C-DAC and officials from Government departments

Registrations are closed

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