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International Symposium on Quantum Computing and Innovations


Aligned with the goals of the National Quantum Mission (NQM), C-DAC is organizing an International Symposium on Quantum Computing and Innovations at IIT BHU Campus in Varanasi from July 14 to 15, 2023. The Symposium aims at the promotion, outreach and discussion of thematic focus areas in the sphere of Quantum Computing. Eminent luminaries and domain experts will assemble with the aspiration of sharing their experiences and knowledge, helping to realize the vision set in the National Quantum Mission. The Symposium seeks to bring together renowned researchers, industry experts, and academicians from around the world to explore, discuss, and create awareness about the latest advancements in the field of quantum computing through keynote speeches, panel discussions, and interactive sessions.

The enthusiastic handholding of the patrons and participants shall succeed in sculpting a strategic pathway towards the accomplishment of the global vision for a Quantum tomorrow.

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  • Quantum Computing and Optimization : This vertical will cover computation and optimization-based applications of Quantum Computing.
  • Quantum Sensing : This vertical will present works that utilise quantum phenomena for precise measurements.
  • Quantum Accelerator and HPC-QC integration : This vertical will cover ways of accelerating quantum simulations using High-performance computing and other methods and hybrid High-Performance Computing and Quantum Computation.
  • Quantum Technology for Strategic Sector : This vertical will discuss applications of Quantum technologies, which can potentially address the needs of the strategic sector.

  • To provide a platform for researchers and students to network and exchange ideas with peers and experts
  • To promote collaboration and partnerships among academia, industry, and government in the field of quantum computing
  • To inspire and motivate the next generation of quantum computing researchers and professionals

To quote Mark Twain, "Banaras is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend and looks twice as old as all of them put together."

Varanasi is the oldest continually inhabited city in the world. Its antiquity finds its place in ancient Indian scriptures. It is situated on the left bank of the river Ganga.

Varanasi has been a great centre of learning for time immemorial. Varanasi is associated with the learning and promotion of Vedas, Vedangas, spiritualism, mysticism, Sanskrit, yoga and art. Varanasi has provided the right platform for the pursuit of knowledge and cultural activities to flourish. To seek divine grace for the successful pursuit of research, we extend you an invitation to the holy city of Varanasi for the symposium.

  • Dr. Subhash Kak (Padma Shri), Regents Professor, Oklohoma State University
  • Prof. Prasanta K. Panigrahi, IISER Kolkata
  • Prof. Kenji Sugisaki, Keio University, Japan
  • Mrs. Sunita Verma, Sc 'G' & Group Coordinator, MeitY
  • Col. (Retd.) A. K. Nath, Executive Director, Corporate Strategy, C-DAC Pune
  • Shri Aditya Kumar Sinha, Director, C-DAC Kolkata & Patna
  • Prof. Bhanu P. Das, TCG Crest, Kolkata
  • Dr. Srinivasa Prasannaa V., TCG Crest, Kolkata
  • Prof. (Dr.) Amlan Chakrabarti, Calcutta University
  • Prof. R. P. Singh, Physics Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad
  • Prof. Somsubhro Bandyopadhyaya, Bose Institute, Kolkata
  • Prof. Archan S Majumdar, Satyendra Nath Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata
  • Dr. Manish Modani, NVIDIA
  • Shri Amit Dubey, National Cyber Security Expert
  • Shri Amit Saxena, C-DAC Pune
  • Colonel P. Sai Shankar, VSM, Director (Signal), Indian Army
  • Dr. Bindey Kumar, Dean, IGIMS, Patna
  • Shri Jitesh Choudhary, FIE, Member IEEE, Director, CDAC Centre in Northeast (CINE)
  • Dr. Kunal Abhishek, Joint Director, C-DAC Patna

Panel 1 : Elevating India’s Strategic Sectors: Harnessing the Power of Quantum Technologies

Panel 2 : Fostering Quantum Synergy: Uniting Academia, Research Organizations and Industry for Technological Advancements

Panel 3 : Exploring Quantum Frontiers: Collaborative Insights from India and International Researchers

EXPERT TALK : “Future of Quantum Computation and Demystifying the Nature of Consciousness”

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Contact Number +91-0612-2219021, +91-33-23579846/5989
Important Dates

Start date of Online Registration : 6 July 2023

End date of Online Registration : 13 July 2023

Symposium dates : 14 - 15 July 2023

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