Brief Description

SRISTI is a software system for 3D visualization of CT and MRI Images. It is DICOM compliant and supports STL file format for creating physical models of anatomical parts & prosthetic implants through rapid Prototyping process.









Main uses and domain

SRISTI provides a cost effective, professional alternative to expensive and highly restrictive workstations bundled with the CT or MRI machines with expensive licensing schemes and maintenance costs. It provides a complete set of tools for visualizing 3D volume image data from the 2D images of CT/ MRI. Software creates accurate 3D surface models from the 2D cross-section images of CT/MRI and for creating physical models of anatomical parts & prosthetic implants through Rapid Prototyping process. The software works by interactive image segmentation functions, and creating both 3D surface and volume rendering for visualization, object measurement, and quantitative analysis. It includes all these functions in a single integrated easy-to-use package. You can segment object boundaries for surface modeling. The software has many functions to measure length, area and angle of 3D objects. You can use the 3D volume calculation to accurately evaluate a treatment or development.

Features and Technical Specifications

  • 2D image slice manipulations.

  • Multi-planar Reconstruction - Axial, Coronal, Sagittal.

  • 2D& 3D measurements.

  • Region of Interest selection and rendering.

  • PACS support.

  • Interactive threshold segmentation and rendering.

  • 3D surface and volume rendering.

  • Interactive 3D model - scaling, rotation, sectional views.

  • Exports to standard STL file format for RP process

Platform required(if any)

  • Intel Quad Core processor.

  • 4GB RAM (Up to 16GB for huge datasets)

  • Mid-range Graphics card.

  • Windows 7 64 / 32 bit OS.

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