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In line with the Millennium Development Goals set by the United Nations and the mandate of National Rural Health Mission's (NRHM, India), C-DAC has developed iCare@home to empower households and even the rural populace having weak public health indices and  infrastructure, with comprehensive knowledge of primary healthcare.  iCare@home is a suite of Integrative healthcare informatics solutions with applications like risk predictors, symptoms analyzer and computer games. It is targeted to create health awareness among individuals and communities by Analysis, Prediction and Edutainment through holistic solutions for promotive health, disease prevention and primary care of diseases and symptoms. iCare@Home introduces health games which are a perfect blend of health education and entertainment for varied age-groups.

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Salient Features:

  • Disease risk predictor for finding risk exposure related with lifestyle-related disorders like Diabetes, Heart Disease..
  • Educative health games
  • Home remedies and primary care for minor ailments and symptoms
  • Diet and lifestyle according to constitution and diseases
  • Calculator-based interactive applications like Body Mass Index (BMI), Waist Hip Ratio (WHR), Immunisation Scheduler, Expected Date of delivery...
  • Detailed information on Spices, Fruits, Recipes, Yogasana, Exercise with their therapeutic uses....
  • Images of medicinal plants, vegetables, yoga postures....
  • Video clips of emergency conditions, therapeutic procedures, yoga....
  • Available on Desktop, KIOSK (Touch Screen) and Web
  • Available in English, Hindi, Bengali and Assamese

iCare@Home takes cognizance of different medical systems like modern medicine, Ayurveda, Yoga for addressing primary healthcare needs.


  • Symptom Analyzer: Helps in analyzing causative factors of health complaints and suggests essential primary care

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  • Disease Risk Predictor: Based on the inputs predicts chances of proneness to diseases like Diabetes, Coronary heart Disease, Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Osteoporosis, Swine flu, Paralysis and Chronic Kidney Failure. Also suggests primary preventive measures

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  • Health Games: The objective is education through entertainment.

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    • Way2Motherhood: Provides information about care during pregnancy alongwith guidance regarding dos and don’ts. Also throws light on causes of maternal mortality.

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    • TeenGrowth: This Adolescence Health Education Game is an informative tool educating teens about reproductive and sexual health. It introduces teenagers to Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health (ARSH) related scientific terms and gives information about anatomy and physiology of male and female reproductive system and provides answers to FAQs

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    • Health is Wealth: In Quiz form its objective is to win maximum health insurance by selecting correct answers to questions, within the given time limit

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    • Health Crown: In this game 'Pintoo' represents the young population. Pintoo likes to win the 'Health Crown' by adopting good habits related with diet and lifestyle. In his journey, he has to choose between good and bad habits to earn maximum points, thereby learning to make healthy choices.

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    • Protect Me: This National Health Program game provides information about prevention of diseases like Tuberculosis, Malaria, Dengue, Filariasis and AIDS. It offers guidance about dos and don'ts in such diseases.

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  • My Care: Helps you analyse your constitution & health status and also stores your electronic health records

    • Constitution Analysis: Helps in assessment of the constitution and suggests seasonal diet and lifestyle to maintain healthy life.

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    • Health Calculators: This application consists of set of health calculators like BMI calculator, WHR calculator, EDD calculator and Immunisation schedular.

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    • Health Record: It assists user in maintaining health related data, consisting of Family history, Past history, Treatment history, Addictions, Height, Weight, Blood Pressure, Temperature, Blood Sugar Level etc.

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  • Diet & Lifestyle: Guides you in therapeutic application of Pulses, Milk Products, Meat, and Recipes as well as applications of Yoga and exercise

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  • Home Remedies: Provides you with information on holistic solutions for primary care and prevention of symptoms & diseases

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  • Encyclopaedia: Contains a multimedia gallery of Images, Audio clips, Video clips and articles, increasing awareness about various aspects of health.

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