Brief Description

MoSQuIT is an integrated Malaria Surveillance Control System using Mobile platform. It enables effective data collection / updation / collation in a centralized repository, thereby reducing the time required for information proliferation, and initiation of appropriate action by the State Health department. MoSQuIT connotes the systematic and continuous watch / vigil over the status of Malaria in the community

Main uses and domain

Stakeholders of the system are Health worker, Spray supervisor, Laboratory technician, Medical officer, Researcher

Features and Technical Specifications

It helps monitor, plan control measures, and help detect both spatial and temporal changes in the long run. It enables early warning with a view to identifying potential outbreaks. In particular, the system helps prevent and control Malaria in the community.

Platform required(if any)

Webserver (IIS 6.0), Web browser (Internet Explorer 11), Android (4.2)

Contact Details for Techno Commercial Information

C-DAC Pune, AAI Group
4th Floor, CDAC Innovation Park,
Panchwati Pashan , Pune -411 008
Phone No. : 020-25503335/255033305
Email: info[dot]aai[at]cdac[dot]in