IT Lexicon

Numerous options of translations or transliterations for computer terms and terminology are floating on the Internet. As such there is no lexicon or guidelines available to standardize these. We have undertaken this task by creating a Multilingual Computer Lexicon. In this we are providing translation, transliteration, and category of English word in Punjabi word. And also an image to describe the IT term will be there. User is being facilitated by giving different search options. IT Lexicon will benefit the masses in following ways:

  • Development of a Multilingual Lexicon would help the people who are not comfortable with English language because of which they dread using computers which are mainly in English. So we shall be providing and explaining the terms and terminologies in their native languages.
  • During our research we found that some books are available in native languages, but they have just transliterations of terms in English instead of translation so we are attempting to provide translations wherever feasible.
  • A small image is also there to demonstrate the term.

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