GIST Java Framework Architecture

GIST Java Framework Architecture

GIST JFA (Java Framework Architecture) is a Software Development Kit for designing software applications in Indian languages. It consists of a set of Java components and supporting classes which enable the creation of content in Indian scripts. The scripts supported are Assamese, Bengali, Devnagari, Gujarati, Kannada, Oriya, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and English.

The following components are currently supported by GIST JFA:

  • JFATextArea
  • JFATextField
  • JFAButton
  • JFALabel
  • JFACheckbox
  • JFAList

The data stored in these components is in ISCII. Support for data storage in Unicode is available through APIs.

Salient Features:

  • Pure Java: JFA does not use any native libraries and can thus be seamlessly deployed across various platforms.
  • Can be used on server side, client side or in applications: When used on the client-side, the afore-mentioned components can be used in making applets that run on any browser. This allows dynamic content creation. JFA can also be used on the server-side, as it has a suite of forward and reverse converters that can convert data from ISCII to ISFOC (Bilingual Web) and vice versa. In this case GIST JFA need not be downloaded to the client end. This allows development of static content. Being Java based the server can be deployed on any platform that supports Java. JFA can also be used in desktop applications.
  • The development and viewing of applets/applications is platform independent as GIST JFA is purely Java-based and works on all platforms that support Java Standard Edition viz . MS Windows(9x, NT, 2000, XP), Linux, Solaris, etc.
  • Browser independent - Works on browsers like IE, Netscape, Mozilla, etc. that support Java.
  • Unicode compliant - Supports setting and retrieving of Unicode data. But the data stored inside is ISCII. This is an added advantage as the amount of data stored is reduced by half.
  • Supports INSCRIPT as well as Phonetic layout for typing.
  • Any component can simultaneously handle 11 scripts. All components of GIST JFA have the ability to simultaneously store and display 10 Indian scripts and English. The editable components of GIST JFA like JFATextArea and JFATextField allow typing in all the scripts with the help of shortcut keys that switch between different languages, as seen below:GIST JFA
  • Cut, Copy and Paste ISCII as well as ISFOC data. We have methods as well as shortcut keys to allow this.
  • Additional feature of GUI development using Drag and Drop in IDEs that support Java Beans viz. Forte, Jbuilder, Jdeveloper, etc. The drag and drop ability makes GUI development very easy.
  • Supports English along with the 10 Indic scripts.
  • Uses fonts that are designed and fine tuned specially for web applications. These would work seamlessly for desktop applications as well as Web pages.
  • Database applications can be developed for Indic scripts using JFA. Currently it has been tested with Oracle.
  • Wordwrapping in JFATextArea possible. Sorting in JFAList possible.


Sample applications like Editor and Floating Keyboard have been made.

Applets using JFA in browsers (Netscape and IE):