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The GIST SDK is a software development tool for Indian languages on MS Windows. This is a set of software components that enables software developers to facilitate the use of Indian scripts with MS Windows applications. Unlike other solutions, the significant feature of GIST SDK is that it enables the MS Windows application to process ISCII data directly. ISCII enables alphabetic sorting, transliteration and data exchange and reusability in a uniform manner.

The GIST SDK uses ActiveX Technology from Microsoft and provides a seamless, transparent and self contained Indian language layer for data entry, storage, retrieval and printing in Indian scripts for MS Windows applications. It is based on COM standards and can be used with any of the latest application development tools providing "OLE container" support.

GIST SDK consists of a set of Dynamic Linked Libraries (DLL's) with necessary API, a set of ActiveX controls and True Type fonts to enable integration with your MS Windows application.

Salient Features:

The GIST SDK consists of the following main components:

What is New in GIST SDK version 3