iPlugin is an Web application development tool, used to develop interactive Indian language applications to be deployed over the internet or intranet.

Offering technology solutions, iPlugin 3 from GIST enables a user to realize the full potential of the Internet in the creation of static as well as interactive Indian language web content for front-end & back-end Internet solutions. Thereby, enabling communication in the choice of language of the user.

It is easy to enable existing English site for Indian Languages, without changing look and feel of the webpage.

iPlugin has two sets of components, one for the server side integration and the other for client (Web browser) deployment. The client setup is delivered to the client when the client machine accesses the site for the first time. The user is asked to accept a certificate while downloading and installing the digital signed files.

The client side components which plugin into the browser, enable existing HTML elements for Indian Language (IL) input : Input box, TextArea, Editable DIV, iFrame etc.

iPlugin as a tool has three flavours. The basic tool is designed for MS Windows environments. The second tool is designed for .Net (dot net) environments while the third is a Java suite which enables iPlugin to work in various environments like Linux, Solaris, Unix, or any OS supporting Java Run Time on the serverside.

The supported languages of India are :

  • Hindi
  • Punjabi
  • Bengali
  • Oriya
  • Kannada
  • Assamese
  • Marathi
  • Gujarati
  • Telugu
  • Malayalam
  • Tamil
  • Sanskrit
  • Devanagari (ISO BilingualWeb)
  • Gujarati (ISO BilingualWeb)
  • Devanagari (ISO MonolingualWeb)
  • Telugu (ISO MonolingualWeb)
  • Kannada (ISO MonolingualWeb)
  • Manipuri (BilingualWeb)

New in iPlugin 3.0 :

iPlugin Toolbar : Now it is easy to change keyboard type and switch key at the client side.


Floating Keyboard : Using the new floating keyboard, a novice user can type by using the mouse to click on the buttons.The layout is similar to the keytop labels available with developers.

floating keyboard

  • Phonetic Assistant helps users to type in Phonetic layouts my giving on screen prompt.
  • iPlugin Design Time User Control for ASP, JSP and .Net
  • EasyPhonetic keyboard layout
  • Sanskrit (Monolingual Web) support for client side input as well as serverside storage.(ASP, PHP, .Net)
  • ISO fonts (BilingualWeb) support of Devenagari (DVBI) and Gujarati(GJBI)
  • ISO fonts (MonolingualWeb) support of Devenagari (DVI), Telugu (TLI) and Kannada (KNI).
  • Manipuri (Bilingual Web) support for client side input as well as serverside storage.(ASP, PHP)
  • Sample code for HTML, ASP, JSP, .Net, PHP and iPlugin Design Time User Control for ASP, JSP and .Net is provided. Documentation for using iPlugin Design Time User Control is also provided.
  • Compatible with iPlugin 2.0
  • Compatible with Unicode/UTF

Salient Features:

  • Server side
    • Server Platforms supported -
      Windows, Linux, Solaris, Unix, or any OS supporting Java Run Time.
    • Works with web servers like Tomcat, Apache, JRun.
    • Single JAR deployment for All Indian Languages on server.
    • Option for individual languages also supported.
    • Development in JSP, Servlets, PHP possible.
    • Server-side Conversion between various character formats
      1. ISCII to Unicode and reverse
      2. ISCII to UTF8 and reverse
      3. Unicode to UTF8 and reverse
      4. ISCII8 to ISCII7 and reverse
  • Server side
    • Four keyboards layouts available viz Inscript, Phonetic, Typewriter and Easy Phonetic.
    • It is possible to change the choosen keyboard layout and scriptkey ( also known as language key or toggle key) at runtime on the client side.
    • The size of the components downloaded at the client side is 154 Kb(approx) only.
    • Very robust architecture.
    • Does not require Java Runtime at client end.
    • Supports FireFox 1.0
  • General
    • Includes .Net (Dot Net)support
    • Design time controls in ASP, JSP,.Net (DotNet) help speedy web application development

Other Features:

  • Evaluation version of client side components is available for all languages
  • All iplugin client side component are digitally signed with VeriSign Class 3 Code Signing 2001 -4 CA for making it possible to be downloaded with safer browser settings.
  • No manual cleanup required. Uninstall process of client side component has been automated, which cleans client system.
  • GMsgBox for showing Indian Language Alert / msgbox (message box) at the client side using Javascript / VBScript is available on demand. Contact us at info.gist@cdac.in for more information.
  • Supports Dynamic fonts (EOT, PFR) , web content creation tool (ISM) , light weight web application development tool GLite.

For easy development:

  • Design Time control for ASP, JSP and .Net speed up development
  • The task of browser and OS detection can be simplified by using script files included with iplugin.
  • Script and Keyboard properties can be changed dynamically using iPlugin Toolbar. The UI of your existing web-page need not be changed.
  • Sample working Indian language web site is included with iPlugin.
  • Sample VB Script and JavaScript Client Code provided
  • A "Checklist" for interactive web development and deployment is provided.
  • Extensive Documentation on How to deploy on web-servers (including remote servers) has been provided.
  • Extensive Documentation has also been provided for effective use of server side components.
  • Tips for web-developers have been included in the documentation.

Demonstration site:

To demonstrate the working of iPlugin, a small application has been put up. The application has 3 fields namely Name, Address and Taluka. There is a option of selecting the keyboard layout between INSCRIPT, Phonetic, Easy Phonetic and Typewriter.

We have put up all the application flavours (HTML, ASP, JSP, PHP and .Net) for evaluation. Please access it here -

Application areas

  • Develop your own multilingual web eMail application
  • Develop interactive chat facility on your website for the languages of users choice
  • Develop new or port existing database or e-governance applications.
    Develop scheduler and specialized Indian language calendar that help task management
  • Indian language ticker can make things dynamic
  • Many more far reaching applications to give your website, portal or vortal the native look & feel you would like.

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