Development of TEXT to SPEECH SYSTEM in Indian Languages Phase-II

This project aims at developing high quality text to speech synthesis as well as small footprint Text to Speech synthesis integrated with disability aids and various other applications. This is a consortium based project sponsored by DeitY, involving 12 institutions and 13 Indian languages.

C-DAC Mumbai is responsible for the languages Marathi and Odia with additional horizontal responsibility of various application development using the TTSes developed by consortium members.

Duration: 3 years (Jan 2012- Dec 2015)

Project Deliverables:

  • HTS based Parametric speech synthesis (small footprint).
  • Unit Selection Concatanative Festival based speech synthesis (high quality).
  • Bilingual voice, i.e. English-Marathi and English-Odia.
  • Integration of TTS with Assistive aids for disability (Two aids):
    • Aid for visually challenged.
    • Aid for persons with cerebral palsy .
  • Online Examination.
  • Porting of TTS on Android platform.
  • Web-based plugin for TTS.
  • SMS Reader.

Chief Investigator:

  • Mr.Bira Chandra Singh (bira[at]cdac[dot]in)
  • Tel: 26201606 Extn: 347

Team Members:

  • Mr. Pranaw Kumar (pranaw[at]cdac[dot]in)
  • Mr. Sushant K. Pani (sushantap[at]cdac[dot]in)
  • Mr. Vishal Maral (Past Member)

Feedback can be sent to tts-mumbai[at]cdac[dot]in

Contact Address :

Language Computing Group (LCG)

Gulmohar Cross Road No.9, Juhu
Mumbai 400 049
Tel: 26201606