GIST Shell


DOS based application development tool

GIST Shell is the "Software only" solution for character based MS-DOS applications, which makes it possible to enter, store, display and print text in Indian languages and English simultaneously. This innovative software enables you to use the shelf applications such as dBASE, LOTUS-1,2,3 and so on in any Indian language. Also, as an Indian language data stored in PC-ISCII format, alphabetic sorting order can be maintained. You can use GIST Shell with custom made applications, as well, without any modification to the software.

Salient features:

  • No special hardware required, Easy to implement
  • Application transparent operations
  • Simultaneous display of English along with any one Indian language
  • Supports 16 colors
  • Highlight and inverse video attributes
  • Three character sizes for Dot matrix printers and one character size for Landscape printing on Laser Jet printers
  • Can be installed on Laptops
  • Available as Microsoft C 5.10 and Borland C 3.1 large model object libraries
  • Programming interface with linkable library available
  • Supports INSCRIPT Keyboard layout, Has the facility to configure user configurable Keyboard
  • DOE/BIS phonetic INSCRIPT keyboard common for all Indian Scripts
  • Facility for Typewriter and User configurable keyboard layout. For Devnagari

System requirements

  • IBM PC-AT 386 or compatible running under MS-DOS 5.0 or higher
  • EGA/VGA display adapter
  • Uses 64kb of conventional memory with 96kb of expanded memory, plus an optional loadable print module(64 kb)
  • Works under DOS box in Win-95
  • GIST Shell is available for Novell NetWare as well

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