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Viewing and enjoying a movie or television program in an unknown language has been made possible with the help of subtitling technology pioneered by C-DAC GIST. Moving from the analogue broadcast medium to digital, GIST labs have developed a subtitling system which supports Digital Video Broadcast standards. With this, the viewer now has choice of selecting the language for the subtitle at a click of a button.

How LIPS Digital works?

The subtitling system generates multilingual subtitle streams in DVB defined (ETSI EN 300 743) bitmap based subtitling format. Subtitles are generated as a graphical bitmap and then encoded and compressed into the DVB delivery format. The system generated subtitle stream is then multiplexed with the video, audio, data and then transmitted as part of the station's output transport stream to the Transmitter. The viewer’s set-top-box / IDTV receives the subtitle data stream, decodes and re-constructs the subtitles in the decoder's memory and displays the subtitle on-screen at appropriate time. The viewer can also select whether to display subtitles or not and choose the language of his choice.


Salient features:

Download Brochure (PDF Document. Size: 519 Kb, Date: 8/7/2015)