LISM How to Use

How to Use LISM


Linux based application for Indian languages

LISM, LINUX ISFOC Script Manager, is a keyboard manager for Indian scripts. To some extent it also controls the editing behavior of the word processor. It allows the user to create documents in Indian scripts using word processor or text editor on LINUX platform. LISM simulates inscript keyboard. To enable word processor / text editor to handle Indian scripts follow the following steps:

  • Download and install LISM binary from the site, if LISM is not already installed otherwise give/lism command at command prompt, LISM window will appear on the screen.
  • Select the script and keyboard layout and press OK. By default the script is Devnagari.
  • In word processor/text editor set the fonts according to the selected script.
  • " Num Lock is used as a toggle to switch from Latin to Indian script and vice versa. For Indian script, Num Lock should be ON and for others Num Lock should be OFF

LISM Installation Instructions

  • Save DebianLismEval.tar.gz or RedHatLismEval.tar.gz in your home directory and unzip and untar it,using

For Debian:

  • tar -zxvf DebianLismEval.tar.gz command

For RedHat:

  • tar -zxvf RedHatLismEval.tar.gz command

In DebianLismEval or RedHatLismEval directory give the command at
shell prompt $ ./InstallLism

Note: Before insatlling LISM read Install-Instructions.pdf carefully.

Quick Steps to use Indian language using LISM:

  • Start the LISM by typing ./lism at the location where LISM is installed.
  • Select the script of your choice on the LISM main window.
  • Open the editor of your choice-GEdit or GNotePad or any word processor.
  • Set the font in the word editor or processor according to the script selected through LISM.
  • Make sure NUM LOCK is ON to type in Indian language and NUM LOCK is OFF for English.

Precautions while closing LISM:

  • It is advisable to close the LISM through its GUI.

System Requirements:

Redhat Fedora core 4 or upward versions
X Windows support
GNOME Desktop environment



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