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GIST has developed localization frameworks for applications in various domains like banking and finance, administrative, travel, etc. The various kinds of applications support provided by GIST covers web applications, desktop based applications, localized browser solutions etc.

Localization of OpenOffice

GIST is working closely with C-DAC, Bangalore for coming out with BharateeyaOO.o. Besides the entire Open Office suite localization of FireFox browser, Thunderbird email client and multiprotocol messenger GAIM have also been undertaken.

It is Open Office localized and compiled for Indian languages including right to left scripts. Localization in all 22 scheduled languages has been undertaken. Open Office is an entire office suite, which is open source. It can also be used to handle MS-Office files such as .doc , .xls or .ppt

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Localization Framework for Data

GIST has developed Localization Frameworks for conversion of data. The data may be in the form of a database such as ORACLE, MS-SQL or MS-Access (.mdb) or in Excel (.xls), MS-Word (.doc), pdf or FoxPro. The framework includes database translator, acronym handler, number to word, date-time conversion, and Address field conversion routines. It is backed up with a customizable dictionary suite. For text reports, which are mostly generated in fixed width fonts like courier – a special framework is used for conversion to Indian languages while retaining the column alignments.

GDoc Translation Add-in can translate English data in word documents to Indian language in just one click using leveraging web service. While translation, it retains various formatting of the document like Bullets, font attributes, image, table...etc. It currently supports languages - Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Assamese, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi, and Oriya. It is currently available for Microsoft word 2007 and above.

a. Figure:- Input sample data

b. Figure:- output sample data


GIST PDF Localization Tool:

GIST has also developed a desktop tool for localization of PDF files, which provide an easy and effective way to localized English PDF files in to Indian language in a layout-aware manner.

For translation of text it calls GIST’s leveraging service in backend. Currently this service supports 11 Indian languages - Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Assamese, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi, and Oriya.

Figure:- GIST PDF localization Tool

Example of PDF localization by GIST's PDF localization tool -

Figure- Input sample English PDF files

Figure-Output sample Hindi PDF files

Localization Framework for Code

GIST provides tools and framework for localizing applications for which the code is available.

Desktop Code: Currently localizing of VB source code is supported. The framework generates the corresponding Indian language VB code or VB.Net code for entire project. It handles conversion of (.frm) forms and (.bas) modules. In addition to the routines used in data conversions -utilities to compare the physical widths of English and corresponding Indian language data is provided. This ensures that corresponding Indian language string being generated by the engine does not physically exceed the space required by the English source data.

Web Code: HTML / ASP/ ASPX JSP pages of existing English application can also be converted to Indian Languages using this framework. It retains the physical layout of the web page and enables Indian Languages without changing the layout or the look and feel of the web-page. It can also handle aligned elements, which may not be in a table. XML and CSS parsers are used to update the pages seamlessly. Presentation layer changes are done using XML-XSLT based approach

HTML Translator utility has been developed for bulk conversion of English HTML pages to Hindi. The folder is scanned for all existing Web pages to which the processing logic based on rules of domain specific terms and terminologies, followed by transliteration is applied. Acronyms are also handled by this utility. The font sizes for applications created for Hindi often needs to be modified in a ratio / factor for better clarity of the ascenders, descenders, diacritic marks, etc. This also caters to the CSS (cascading style sheets) for applying format information uniformly to the webpage. This utility not only converts the data but also adjusts the fonts according to the ratio set.

The problems related to font size variations have been tackled with the introduction of specially designed UI Screen Fonts for bilingual User Interface. It renders Indian language text with more clarity on the web. If any English text is to be kept along side (eg: English numbers or acronyms) the data appears uniform. The CSS or height of font matches for keeping better sync with the User Interface of the corresponding English application. The font is used as a dynamic font (Embedded Open Type: EOT) so the user does not need to physically download the font for rendering the data.

GIST JSP Translator Tool has been developed for easy and bulk conversion of JSP English data content into Indian languages. Currently it supports 11 Indian languages - Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Assamese, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi, and Oriya. This application can browse multiple files of JSP, ASP or PHP from the list and translate them on one go. All tag will be parsed except non ASP, JSP, PHP, HTML tags. Fonts need to be applying in the CSS file so that data could be display in proper format.

Figure:- GIST JSP Translator tool

Figure:- Sample input jsp file

Figure:- Sample input jsp file

Localization of Existing Desktop Applications

For existing applications, GIST has developed a localization framework, which can localize all the labels, menus, etc. into Indian languages. The conversion and change happens in the memory and provides a Indian language skin to an existing application. This application can localize almost the whole GUI of windows Operating System. This will include the Desktop, Menus, Common controls, different kind of views available etc.

Small utilities present on the system for configuring and using the system efficiently can be localized. It can localize applications like Calculator, Task Manager, Control panel, console etc.

It can also localize some most commonly used windows editors such as Notepad, WordPad and Ms Word 2007.Currently support is available for Windows XP.

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Go Translate – GIST Online Translation Framework (Website localization)

Go Translate Framework is a centralized system for community participation in localization process. It can be used to translate website(s) dynamically / on the fly just by the click of a button. It enables crowd and translators to contribute and update the translations. In order to translate/post-edit, various MT systems are also integrated to aid the crowd and translator in contributing the translations. The crowd and translators also can make use of the virtual keyboard to edit or contribute a new translation.

There is no need of changing anything in the source code of the websites. So it becomes easier and hassle free for website owners to make their content available in local languages by using Go Translate.

Salient Features

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a. Figure:- English web page

b. Figure:- English web page translated in Hindi by Go-Translate

c. Figure:- Contribution feature for community participation.

d. Figure:- Floating keyboard.

Localization for Reports - Localization framework contains tools/components for localization of reports, bank passbooks, etc. It consists of Reports Generation Tools, Dictionary Tools, database tools like GISTOraTools (for Oracle reports)

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Browser based localization

Web users who want to convert a page to their language can do so by using the browser based solutions. At the click of a button the English web page can be converted to various Indian languages like Devanagari, Tamil, Punjabi, etc at the client side. The conversion does not affect the layout or advertisementsof the page. Sample screen shots are shown below.

Conversion is also possible between Hindi, Gurumukhi and Urdu.

The base engines for these conversions are from related research areas.

Click here for Toolbar Demo

Online Webpage Localiser - This is an Indian language browser application which can navigate to any valid URL and transliterate the web page to any Indian language for easy reading. When the page gets loaded the user can select any one of the languages available in the drop down box and transliterate the web page to the selected language. This transliterated page can also be saved in HTML format, saving the user from transliterating it again. The images and script remains the same, only the text gets converted on the client side.

Salient Features:
  • Transliterates any web page opened on the fly.
  • Transliterated page can be saved.
  • Supports 11 different Indian languages.

System requirements:
.NET Framework 1.1 or above.


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