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GIST Rajbhasha Report Generation Software (GIST - RRGS) - Customizable

Unleashing the framework to automate bilingual reporting

GIST Rajbhasha Report Generation Software (GIST - RRGS) is a unique web-based reporting system to cater to the requirements of Rajbhasha departments of nationalized banks, financial institutions, PSU's etc. in generating various organizational reports in compliance with statutory guidelines.

GIST-RRGS has been specially developed to enhance efficiency by automating the process of data collection, consolidation, monitoring as well as address the issues of diverse methodologies used by different Rajbhasha departments.

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It offers a customizable framework for bilingual online Rajbhasha reporting that facilitates the efficacy of the data collation process, which was earlier retrieved from handwritten reports or data received in proprietary bilingual software having plethora of encoding standards non-complaint with each other.

Salient Features of GIST - RRGS

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