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shailiShaili is a rich collection of computer generated designs which are inspired by the traditional Indian art forms. The CD consists of a variety of decorative Borders, Motifs, Tiles, Arches and Corners. Reusable ornamental components and borders are exclusively tuned for web page designing. Readymade decorative frames in A4 and A3 sizes are provided for the purpose of publishing. The Shaili CD consists of over 800 unique designs rendered and tuned to 6 different application file formats. A Windows based browser has been designed for previewing the collection of designs from the Shaili CD. A catalogue, with colourful prints of the designs is also provided for reference.

The Shaili CD can be used for applications like Interactive Multimedia, Web Page Designing, DeskTop Publishing, 3D Modelling for Architectural / Interior Visualization, Low Cost Multimedia Album Creation, Vinyl/Corel Cutting, Printing on Ceramic Tiles, Carpets and Textile Designing. The designs are created in vector formats and can be used directly as artworks for printing purpose.

Shaili contains around 800 designs. The designs are divided into eight diverse categories:

Rendered in Flexi-Formats:

The designs have been made available in the following popular formats to suit specific application software tools:

Shaili Browser:

A Windows based browser has been created for previewing the collection of designs from Shaili CD. The browser allows the user to open the designs and zoom in and out for a closer look. One can also click on the 3D View button to view the 3D extrusion of the selected design. Once a design has been chosen, a suitable application file format must be selected.

After selecting the design, file format and destination path for copying the file, the code number of the selected design needs to be typed. Code numbers can be secured from the reference catalog. The software validates the code number and only then can the design be copied to the destination path.The interface of the browser is beautiful and user friendly.

Shaili Catalog:

A catalog with colorful prints of the designs is provided with the Shaili CD. It contains a record of code numbers related to each design, which can be used as a reference.

With the help of the Shaili CD it is possible to :

The Shaili CD can be used for:

Ready -to-Use Artworks for Decorating:

* Kindly confirm your operating system support before placing purchase order at info.gist@cdac.in.

* Shali will be discontinued from March 31, 2013

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