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tahreerC-DAC GIST's TAHREER gives freedom to the user for creating content, letters and documents in the Perso Arabic scripts. These scripts are Right to Left by nature. Languages based on these scripts viz. Urdu, Sindhi and Kashmiri are recognized as the official languages of India. This Application has been enriched by C-DAC GIST's expertise in Indian Language Computing.

tahreerTAHREER is capable of handling Right to Left scripts on any UNICODE compliant application, such as - Notepad, MS-Word, etc. (in Windows 2000 and above editions with suitable Language Pack Installed). Using Tahreer along with any Unicode enabled web-content creation tool, user can create HTML documents which can be published on the Web.

The documents and data created using TAHREER is UNICODE compliant. User can use the application for typing using various layouts (INSCRIPT/ PHONETIC/ CUSTOM) by selecting toggle key (Capslock / Numlock / ScrollLock). The tool also comes with a Virtual Onscreen Floating keyboard for easy typing using mouse.

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