Industrial Range Open SCADA Software (iROSE)

Brief Description

iROSE SCADA software is built using open system technologies rather than a vendor controlled, proprietary technology. It delivers the benefits of advanced web technologies like RIA. The software can be run on Windows/Linux and user interface can be viewed in any browser. Data acquisition using open protocols and OPC provide interoperability with devices from various vendors. Security has been taken care of using strong authentication, secured data service channels and security standards. This software has four-layer architecture: data acquisition, service, data publishing and data presentation.











Main uses and domain

Process Industries, Power Plant, Pulp & Paper, Sugar Industry, Water Treatment Plant, Food processing Industry etc.

Features and Technical Specifications

  • Interface to devices and external applications using standard protocols

  • Easy to integrate SCADA components

  • Web based and Platform Independent

  • Easily shares and/or integrates information with databases

  • Connectivity to any system, RTU or device with open protocols

  • User Security through User Management System

  • Alarm notification via e-mail, SMS etc.

  • Historian

  • Report

Platform required(if any)


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Contact Details for Techno Commercial Information


Group Head, Control & Instrumentation Group,
C-DAC, Thiruvananthapuram