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Brief Description

Solar energy is the most promising energy source for the future. Grid Interactive Solar PV Power Plant of MW rating exports power generated by Solar PV Array to grid. Major components of the system are the PV array, power converter, filter and voltage matching transformer. The power converter is made of IGBT switches and its operation is controlled through digital controller built with advanced Digital Signal Processor (DSP). The indigenously developed Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) is suitable for Indian grid conditions.









Main uses and domain

  • For exporting power generated by Solar PV Array to grid

  • Domain: Grid Interface Solutions for Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants

Features and Technical Specifications

  • Nominal Power : 1MW

  • Input Voltage (max) : 800 V DC Grid Voltage : 415 +/- 20%, 3 Phase AC Grid frequency : 50 Hz +/- 5% ITHD : < 5% Operational PF : Unity / Programmable

  • Control : With DSP-FPGA based Digital Controller Converter : IGBT based Voltage Source Inverter

  • Cooling : Forced air cooling

  • HMI : Touch Screen LCD using Tablet PC


  • PWM scheme for improved efficiency

  • Paralleling and control of operating sequence for improving reliability and redundancy

  • Reactive power support

  • Power quality improvement with harmonic compensation

  • Low Voltage Ride Through with reactive power support

  • Anti islanding protection

  • Active and reactive power ramping control

  • Intelligent Maximum Power Point Tracking

  • Current control during fault ride through

  • Filter and control scheme for improved current quality

  • Reduction of auxiliary power consumption so as to minimize sleep mode power

  • Remote Monitoring through Internet using Android application

  • Protection schemes implemented as per IEEE 1547 : 2003

  • Harmonic performance as per IEEE 519 : 1992

  • Indigenous technology of central inverter based Solar PV PCU

  • Modular inverter stacks

  • Advanced digital controller circuits, sensors and protection schemes

  • Tablet PC based HMI & remote monitoring

Platform required(if any)


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