Acoustic Gunshot detection System

Brief Description

Acoustic Gunshot Detection System detects and conveys the location of source using an array of acoustic sensors. These systems can be used by military, law enforcement and security agencies to identify the direction of gun fire, the source and in some case the type of weapon faired.










Main uses and domain

Acoustic Gunshot Detection System (AGDS) is the first indigenized field tested product. Indigenization of the system made it affordable, especially in cases where large numbers are required, as in border areas for 24 x 7 security surveillance. AGDS can be fixed to land, water or air based vehicles of Indian Defence forces. AGDS can also be fixed to high security buildings, strategic installations and insurgent prone areas to give precise warning about possible hostile gun fire. The technology will be of great interest for Indian security agencies namely Indian army, BSF, CRPF, ITBP, State police, NSG, SPG etc.

Features and Technical Specifications

  • Shot Detection Parameters

  • Gun detected : Small fire arms like INSAS, AK 47,Sniper etc.

  • Detection Accuracy in Azimuth angle: ± 5 degree

  • Detection Accuracy in Elevation angle: ± 5 degree

  • Detection Range: At least 400meters depending on the effective range of the weapon fired

  • Skip distance : less than 30  meters

  • Response Time : 70 millisecond

  • Power : 24VDC ,30W

  • Environment spec : JSS 55555 L2B

Platform required(if any)


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Contact Details for Techno Commercial Information

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CDAC Thiruvananthapuram, 0471-2727508, fax: 0471 2723456