interface board

General purpose interface board

Brief Description

Main uses and domain

Interface board for any microcontroller
I. This is a general purpose interface board it can be used with any microcontroller (AVR and ARM based)based boards.
  • Atmel microcontroller based boards
    1. Arduino uno
    2. Arduino Mega
    3. Arduino Nano
    4. Arduino mini
    5. Arduino due
  • ARM microcontroller based boards
    • ST micro electronics
      1. Discovery boards
      2. Nucleo boards
    • NxP
      1. FRDM boards
    • Raspberry Pi boards
    • Beagle bone boards

Features and Technical Specifications

Interface board Details
  1. LED-2 nos
  2. Push button-2 nos
  3. Buzzer-1no
  4. relay- 1 nos
  5. ADC(4 channel)- 1no
  6. LCD(16x2)-1no
  7. Analog temperature sensor(LM35)-1 no
  8. And interface options for
  9. Analog sensors
  10. Digital sensors
  11. Xbee
  12. UART
  13. Accelerometer

Platform required(if any)


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