C-DAC showcases new tech products

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Sakal Times
March 29, 2017

Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) showcased four of its new technological products on Monday, which will help researchers and educationists in their work. The four products are MOSAIC, eVidur, Digitalaya and PARAM Shavak Deep Learning System.

Speaking about the products, Dr Hemant Darbari, Executive Director, C-DAC, said that these products will help researchers at different levels.

“MOSAIC is a software that would reduce the time needed to develop a drug. We are majorly focusing on drug re-purposing, which means recycling a drug for various other diseases. This software will help pharmacists in developing drugs in less time and with fewer funds,” noted Darbari.

He also introduced eVidur, which enables understanding social media users' behaviour in a smarter way. “A software like eVidur can help security officials track and prevent issues. It can also check cyber crime and help us have a better and secure cyberspace. Currently, we have limited eVidur to Twitter, however, we are planning to extend it to other social media networks as well,” added Darbari.

The third product, Digitalaya is a digital library, which aims at security data.

“The software, an electronic records management and archival system, has been developed for the establishment of a trustworthy digital repository. It is extremely helpful in preserving the digital records in terms of spreadsheets, documents and graphs. Reports and research papers can be stored in this as well,” added Darbari.

PARAM Shavak Deep Learning System can be helpful for educational institutes and research facilities. “It is a supercomputer in a box, which is exclusively designed for academic institutions and research organisations that employ deep learning techniques. This will also enable to meet industry demands with a capacity of solving multi-disciplinary grand challenges in science and engineering,' said Darbari.