Jamir inaugurates

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October 25, 2017

The Param Savak supercomputing facility to create and developskills to meet the engineering, research and industry demands was inaugurated at the Veer Surendra SaiUniversity of Technology . Odisha Governor S C Jamir inaugurated the supercomputing facility at the VSSUT from Raj Bhavan through video conferencingsystem. The VSSUT haspartnered with Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Ministry ofElectronics and IT to set up the param supercomputing system. The supercomputingecosystem will enable to create and develop skills to meet the engineering,research and industry demands, with a capacity of solving multi-disciplinarygrand challenges in science and engineering that employ computational scienceand deep learning techniques. Inaugurating thefacility, Dr Jamir said this facility will benefit students, faculty andresearch scholars and will raise the standard of research and technical acumento gain a competitive edge in their careers. Stating that the supercomputing has become a reality in new world order. Thecreation of supercomputing infrastructure, Mr.Jamir said it willfacilitate multi disciplinary engineering research, using high performancecomputing techniques, enabling technologies, high end computational researchand innovation.UNI BD DP KK