C-DAC intends to reduce data theft with M-Prabandh

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February 14, 2024


The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC)'s Hyderabad centre is launching M-Prabandh, a mobile device management solution, on Wednesday on the occasion of its silver jubilee. The application is a new innovation for securing organisational data in the increasingly mobile driven business landscape.

This application allows organisations to effectively monitor and manage mobile devices and also reduce the risk of data breaches and theft.

C-DAC officials explained how they have been pioneering tech innovations in cybersecurity, embedded systems, Internet of Things (IoT), AI & ML, among many other things for social learning. C-DAC, which works under the Union ministry of electronics and information technology (MEITy), is also working on the design and development of software systems for detecting and flagging the growing menace of deep fake videos and images.

In recent times, as incidents of private data landing in the hands of cybercriminals due to their connivance with third party agencies entrusted with data of consumers have increased, M- Prabandh can prevent such incidents if the firms install this application.

Using this application, the administrator can monitor the activity of individual devices in real time, check for any unauthorised apps downloaded into the device and also flag any unusual activity in the devices under its purview. Features like centralised security policy management, app risk assessment and role-based access control secures the devices and provides controlled access to the business data.

C-DAC Hyderabad director PR Lakshmi Eswari said that they have diversified strengths focussing on R&D, solutions, product development, training, services and outreach programs.

As a part of their reach out programs, C-DAC is also offering courses for women and minorities, during which they can partner with the research teams and are paid stipend. Placement is also provided for these candidates.

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