15 species of endangered plants found in Maharashtra

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June 16, 2010

Can Predict Forest Cover Of The Future, Locate Aforestation, Deforestation Sites

The Geomatics Solutions Development Group (GSDG) of the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) have encountered 15 rare, endangered and threatened species of plants across the state during the development of geomatics technologies in the forest cover of the state.

Satish Pardeshi, member of the GSDG, C-DAC, said, "We have been studying the forest cover of the state for biodiversity characterisation. Satellite images of the major forests in various parts of the state were taken during the study. These images covered an entire terrain which made it possible for us to study a region in detail. These 15 species were found during the study in various parts of the state."

The database collected from the study and the 15 species area and specific location has been provided to the particular forest department for conservation and to take further steps.

Some of these species have a high medicinal value. Most of these were found in Western Ghats.