C-DAC launches computing tools

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Sakal Times
December 15, 2010

The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) on Tuesday launched two products in Anvaya and bioUTILS to helpstrengthen research in the field of health and genome analysis.

Anvaya, which literally means 'logical connectivity', is a workflow application, capable of executing complex computational genome analysis, by making optimal utilisation of the computing environment.

"Anvaya offers an entire solution for comparative genomic analysis, which is known to play a vital role in identifying targets for drug development to combat numerous emerging and re-emerging diseases that are posing threat to human and livestock," GroupCoordinator and Head - Bioinformatics, C-DAC, Rajendra Joshi, said. He was speaking at the three-day symposium on‘Accelerating Biology’ organised by the C-DAC.

Any kind of genome analysis involves use of multiple sequence analysis tools. This becomes a very laborious task when a researcher is analysing thousands of genes. C-DAC's bioUTILS helps overcome this difficulty.