India clicks on Param Yuva ll

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India clicks on Param Yuva ll

February 09, 2013

Stating that the Centre was committed to ensuring that India was the top destination for research and development (R&D) globally, secretary of the department of electronics and information technology J Satyanarayana congratulated C-DAC Pune for launching Param Yuva II. The supercomputer, fastest in India and 62nd fastest in the world, is expected to be of great help to the scientific community.

Satyanarayana was speaking after unveiling the computer on the C-DAC premises in Pune on Friday. C-DAC director general Rajat Moona and executive director Hemant Darbari were present.

Darbari said, “Areas like weather forecasting, seismic data analysis and scientific data processing will all be benefitted due to Param Yuva II. We were doing weather forecasting of over 58,000 villages with Param Yuva. Now we can double that number. Industries like pharmaceuticals, bio informatics and aeronautical engineering will also benefit.”

He said the main users of the supercomputer would be scientific institutes, research laboratories and universities and academia.

“Through the national knowledge network, the Indian Institutes of Technology and National Institutes of Technology can be linked to this computer. Pharmaceutical companies can use it for drug discovery as can the high performance computing community. The computer has been upgraded at a cost of Rs15 crore,” he said. This is the first supercomputer that has crossed 500 teraflops in computing power in the country.