C-DAC PARAM Yuva – II: India's Fastest Supercomputer Launched

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C-DAC PARAM Yuva – II: India's Fastest Supercomputer Launched

February 09, 2013

C-DAC has come out with PARAM Yuva - II which is rated as India's fastest ever supercomputer. The secretary of Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), J Satyanarayana has launched the 500 TeraFlop model of the old PARAM Yuva at Pune. This launch also brings C-DAC the fame of the first R&D institution of the country who has reached the milestone of 500 TF.

The working of the super computer is based on the hybrid computer technology by making use of hardware accelerators and coprocessors. The interconnection of this fastest computer is comprised of Infiniband FDR System Area Network and PARAMNet-III which is sure to offer a remarkable efficiency. The storage capacity of the system is about 200 Terabytes which enables users to store a lot of data. Even parallel computing is made possible by the inclusion of required software.

This move from C-DAC has given way for a general purpose tool for research based computational programs. Any of the large complex programs can be very well managed by using feature rich tools within the system. One of the notable points is that the electricity consumed by this machine has not gone beyond a limited level taking into account the efficiency offered by it.

The machine has marked 360.8 Teraflop/s at Linpack benchmark which is really impressive. According to the estimates of the year, 2012, PARAM Yuva - II has the power to stand as the topper while considering the status based on India and on 62nd position on the whole world.