C-DAC Centre notifies standard formulated by C-DAC for digital preservation

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Centre notifies standard formulated by C-DAC for digital preservation

The Indian Express
January 08, 2014

THE STANDARD for preservation of electronic records, which was formulated by the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), Pune, has been notified by the Centre.

"The digital preservation standard has been formulated based on the study of various e-governance programmes. It also involved the study of various international e-governance prorammes. It also involved the study of various iternational e-governance digital preservation initiatives in US, Canada and UK besides the ISO standards. In addition, the standard also takes into account several legal provisions drawn from the ITAct 2000/2008 RTI Act, and the Public Records Act," said Dinesh Katre, Chief Investigator, Centre Excellence for Digital Preservation, C-DAC.

He added, "It took two years of painstaking study and collaborative research to evolve the notified standard. The standard forms foundation for the introduction of Electronic Records Management(ERM) as part of the e-governance in India and defines the paradigm for creating trusted digital repositories for digital preservation. When implemented, the standard will enable seamless sharing of information, interoperatibility and future usability of data across systems in the long term. This is a key achievement, which will see people benefitting from the myriad e-governance projects in the future."

Hemant Darbari, Executive Director, CDAC, Pune said digital preservation is the need of the hour and the C-DAC team has worked hard to bring out a comprehensive document to address the issues of e governance projects.

"It is indeed a proud moment for us as the Centre has accepted and notified the standard, lending credence to our capabilities and skills," he said.

The standard can be download from http://egovstandards.gov.in, said a release