NE's first C-DAC centre opened at NIT Silchar

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NE's first C-DAC centre opened at NIT Silchar

The Times of India
February 22, 2014

The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), one of the premier research and development organizations of the department of information technology, Union ministry of communications and information technology, was inaugurated on Friday at the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Silchar.

Union secretary of the department of electronics and information technology (Deity) N Satyanarayana inaugurated the centre at NIT Silchar. This is the first such centre in the northeast.

"The northeast is lagging behind in terms of access to e-governance facilities. The new C-DAC facility is not only meant to bridge the gap between academic institutions and the industry, but also between academic institutions and society," said Satyanarayana at the ceremony.

He said IT sector has developed a lot but India is yet to manufacture IP for cell phones. For this India depended upon other countries. "Can we not manufacture IP, so that we can develop mobile phones on our own? The time has come to concentrate on a particular area," said the Union secretary of the Deity.

NIT Silchar director Nishikant Deshpande said the C-DAC will operate from the NIT campus. He said the C-DAC centre at Silchar will meet the indigenous technology requirements of the NE region.

Deshpande said this will be a great boost to NE region in terms of technology development and will usher in a new economic framework for the region and its people.

Those spoke on the occasion include C-DAC director general Rajat Moona, senior director Pradeep K Sinha and C-DAC executive director (Kolkata) A. K. Nath.