Accelerating Biology 2018: Digitizing Life

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January 08, 2018

The HPC Medical and Bioinformatics Applications (HPC - M & BA) Group of CDAC is pioneered over decade in providing advanced HPC solutions in the field of Genomics and Structural Biology. The HPC facility known as BRAF is already supporting HPC based research in Bioinformatics many scientists and PhD scholars of this country located at various cities and institutes. The BRAF, HPC facility is powered by more than 15 Teraflops of PARAM Bioblaze, PARAM Biochrome and PARAM Biogene Machine. BRAF has BioBank storage of around half Petabytes for scientific data. This group is also specializes in the research areas of cancer and tuberculosis. The group has proven its capability in the both areas of the genomics and structural biology by publishing various research papers in reputed International Journals. The group has contributed in development of various products using HPC, Grid, Cloud and BigData technology for acceleration of bioinformatics/ biology data analysis and visualize. The group is having national and international collaboartions as well as industry interactions. Every year, the HPC M&BA Group at CDAC organizes Accelerating Biology symposium to bring all the scientists and researchers across glode to discuss the current challenges in biology research and the need of the computing / tool development

This year, the convener of the symposium Dr. Rajendra Joshi has organized the next version of the event called "Accelerating Biology 2018 - Digitizing Life" from January 9th to 11th, 2018 at IISER, Pune. The focus areas of the symposium are Biomolecular Simulations and Intelligence, Algorithms and Analytics in Genomics, Next Generation Sequencing Applications, Metabolic Circuits and Systems Biology, BIGDATA and Deep Learning in Biology, BRAF User: Case Studies.

The event will have the presence of Padmavibhushan Dr. Vijay Bhatkar as a chief guest along with distinguished guests like Prof Jayant B. Udgaonkar, Director of IISER Pune, Prof. K. N. Ganesh, Director of IISER Tirupati along with Dr. Hemant Darbari, Directory General CDAC and Executive Director CDAC, Pune,

The HPC M&BA Group of C-DAC is releasing two big data products, GAMUT and LAMBDA during the inaugural of the symposium.

GAMUT, Genomics Big Data Management Tool, is a platform for addressing high-throughput analysis and management of variant data generated by Next Generation Sequencing techniques. It compares genetic variant known as single nucleotide polymorphism(SNPs) from two different sets of sample. It leads the analysis towards the direction of personalized medicine. It uses MongoDB, a big-data based solution at the back-end for faster analysis

LAMBDA, Biological Big Data Analytics on Dashboard, is a structural analytics package of large molecular dynamics trajectories. Interpretation of huge structural data obtained from molecular dynamics simulation studies proves to be very crucial in understanding the properties of biomolecules useful in drug discovery and other biological functions. LAMBDA provides indigenously developed algorithm using Spark and Hadoop for crucial structural parameters like hydrogen bond, RMSD, RMSF and Water Density. LAMBDA supports AMBER, GROMACS and PDB format. It provides a speedup which beats conventional tools by many folds. In a specific case, Hydrogen Bond Analysis tool of LAMBDA is 13.8 times faster than the conventional open source CppTraj Tool.

Above products would be useful to the various universities, hospitals and research laboratories for advancement of research in the area of healthcare, agriculture, livestock and environment.