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Establishment of Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Products Based on Li-ion Cells (Post-Cell)

A Centre of Excellence (CoE) for products based on Li-ion Cells (Post-Cell) is being established at CDAC, Noida in association with the Industry Association – India Cellular and Electronics Association (ICEA). The project is being funded by MeitY, Government of India & Government of Uttar Pradesh.

The main goal of the CoE is to provide the requisite infrastructure for R&D facilitating the design & development of electronic products related to mobile handset accessories and other electronic applications. The testing facility of CoE shall provide complete infrastructure for testing and Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification fulfilling the domestic and global requirement of testing electronic products. Besides this, the CoE shall also provide facilities for skill development in electronic system design to bridge the gap of skilled manpower requirement of the industry including the development of SMEs in mobile industry & other electronics domains.  The CoE aims to adopt a self-sustainability model by generating revenue through design selling, testing support, consultancy services and trainings.

It is expected that the CoE shall provide the requisite boost to the Indian mobile industry making it self-reliant in the sector thus reducing the outflow of valuable foreign exchange

Use Cases
  1. Design and development hub for electronic products
  2. Testing lab for electrical & environmental parameter testing of electronic products
  3. Development of SMEs supporting through the complete cycle of design, development & commercialization
  4. Development of skilled manpower for electronics industry
  5. Self-sustainability through design selling & testing support and consultancy services

Contact Details for Techno Commercial Information

Dr. Sunita Prasad