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Industrial Vison Sensor (IVIS)

Industrial Vison Sensor (IVIS) is an industrial smart camera, which has a CMOS image sensor and a powerful on-board processing system capable of supporting Machine Vision applications. IVIS is capable of extracting application-specific information from the captured images and make decisions based on the image processing algorithms implemented on the system, to realize stand-alone intelligent and decision-making automation system.

The industrial smart vision sensor (IVIS) comprises of optics, lighting and a CMOS sensor in the front end, vision processor, communications, and digital input/output circuits, everything packed into an all-in-one compact unit. The IVIS houses a heterogenous processing system, supporting ARM Cortex A53 core and an FPGA integrated into a single silicon. The CMOS based image sensor captures images from the environment, perform basic raw pixel processing and then sends them to the processing system. The processing system is capable of running image processing and machine vision programs within the system. It also performs the process control and monitoring applications pertaining to the industries. Thus, IVIS is capable of capturing images and run applications based on the image processing blocks implemented within the system. The system is also capable of accepting 24/12V digital inputs and controls the field parameters through I/O interface modules.

The Industrial Smart Vision sensor interacts with the Industrial Vision Development Tool kit (IVDT), the software tool to generate application logic and configurations required for industrial image processing applications. The IVDT tool is used to generate image processing and vision logic (executable binary) which can be downloaded on to IVIS. 

The IVIS system has been field tested in a sugar industry for an online sucro crystal characterization application, which measures the sugar crystals sizes during the pan process and provides the results in real-time to the plant operators. 

Salient Features
  • Indigenous Hardware and Software system for automated inspection and identification applications
  • 10G GigE Vision compliant configuration
  • Scalable and Hardware customization option to support high speed and next-generation industrial vision applications
  • Supports AI based applications employing ML and DL techniques

Technical Specifications

Application Processor

ARM Cortex-A53 MP Dual Core

RAM : 2 GB

Flash : 8 GB

Image Signal Processor

FPGA (Programmable Logic)

RAM : 1 GB


DisplayPort Connector

Data Storage

SD Card

Digital Inputs

4 nos. (Isolated) 

Digital Outputs

5 nos. (Isolated) 

Analog Outputs

2 nos. (4-20mA)

PC Software

 C-DAC  Machine Vision Framework

CMOS Image Sensor

Resolution  :  1920 x 1080 pixels

Frame rate : 30 FPS, Global Shutter

Pixel Size     : 5.86 × 5.86 µm

Lens & Optical

C-Mount adaptor (Application specific suitable c-mount lens can be plugged)

Lighting source should be external


12V/24 V DC


Degree of protection: IP65

Material: Anodized Aluminium

Status LED’s : 3 Nos

M12 IP65 Circular Connectors



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