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IED for Substation

An Intelligent Electronic device is a term used in the electric power industry to describe microprocessor-based controllers of power system equipment, such as circuit breakers, transformers and capacitor banksetc. The IED are based on IEC61850 communication standard.
Measurement IED is used to measure threephase Currents, three phase Voltages, Power, Active Power, Reactive Power, Power factor, Energy etc.The IED publishes datausing MMS (Manufacturing Message Specification) Publisher and receives data from Merging Unit using SMV Subscriber

Salient Features
  • Based on IEC 61850 Standard
  • IED for bay level control and monitoring
  • Measurement, Protection and Control
  • Used for monitoring of bus voltages and currents, breaker position and control
  • Local HMI
  • Frequency - 50Hz
  • Ethernet - 2 Nos
  • Optical interface - 2 nos
  • Input Supply -230 V ac / 24 V dc
  • Binary Input/Outputs - 16 no's
  • LCD Graphical Display with Qt Interface
  • SMV Subscriber, MMS Publisher

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