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Maxillofacial Surgery Planning and Simulation System

Maxillofacial Surgery Planning and Simulation System (MaxSim) – A software tool for diagnosis, Cephalometric analysis and orthognathic surgical planning and simulation.
MaxSim is a tool for planning, evaluating and simulating maxillofacial surgery procedures that can aid treating diseases, fixing injuries or correcting defects in the face, jaw or mouth.
The tool helps maxillofacial surgeons, dental clinicians and dental students to efficiently and effectively plan & simulate maxillo-facial surgery procedures. Due to the complexity of the maxillofacial surgery, the novice should be sufficiently trained before one is qualified to carry on the surgery. The tool helps to reduce the training costs, improve the training efficiency & reduce high cost import software dependencies
Patients can pre-visualize their face before surgery and choose their treatment accordingly. It can improve the communication between doctor team and patient and allows the patients to push away the fear of surgery.


A maxillo-facial surgery is normally planned by means of lateral X-ray images (Cephalograms). Initially various cephalometric landmarks are placed in the x-ray. Based on the landmarks various distances and angles are measured and compared to their normal values. Different types of Cephalometric analysis are performed based on these values and a surgical plan is derived. These surgical plans can be evaluated and simulated using the software.

Salient Features
  • Supports Patient Registration
  • Creates Lateral x-rays, frontal x-rays from 3D models from CT images
  • Provides different Cephalometric Analysis for surgery planning
  • Supports Superimposition of analysis results over facial images/x-rays
  • Supports Treatment Planning & Simulation and generates various reports
Technical Specifications

  • DICOM Lateral Cephalogram
  • Cephalometric Analysis
  • Lateral Analysis
  • Frontal Analysis
  • Arch Analysis



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