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Merge EN (Merging Unit)

Electrical Substations are one of the critical elements in the electric power systems. Present day electric grid is becoming smarter and evolving. The new customer demands and technological innovation puts substation at the forefront of grid transformation. These digitized substations are built around IEC61850 Substation protocol to provide open, flexible and economic solutions for optimizing and increasing reliability and safety of protection and control architectures. Mainly products for 11kV substation automation are Merging Unit, Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED) .

Merging Unit

Merging Unit is a key element of the process bus in Modern IEC 61850 based digital Substations.Merging unit is a device that measures the current and voltage signals from the transformers, merges and sends them to the Intelligent Electronic devices (IED) in IEC 61850-9 standard output format.The converted the digital values is transmitted via optical/ethernet cables.The data is published in the form of sampled values (SV) that comply with the IEC 61850-9-2 using SMV publisher.This data can be used directly by bay controllers and/or IED that support this protocol

Salient Features
  • Based on IEC 61850 Standard
  • Merging unit for process bus applications
  • Used for measuring Bus Voltages and Currents in substation/switchyards
  • Analog Interface of CT/PTs
  • Three Phase measurement of currents and Voltages
  • Ethernet / Optical Interface
  • Four Current inputs (5A/1A) for conventional CT
  • Four Voltage inputs (110 V- 220V ac) for Voltage transformers
  • Analog Acquisition -256 samples/sec
  • Current Inputs - 5A/1A
  • Voltage Input - 220V ac /110V ac
  • Ethernet - 2 Nos
  • Optical interface - 2 Nos
  • Input Supply -230 V ac / 24 V dc
  • SMV Publisher

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