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Online Sucro Crystal Imaging System (OSIS)

Online sucro crystal imaging system performs the automated measurement of crystal size distribution parameters in the massecuite using classical image analysis techniques. The measurement of the crystal size distribution is a key requirement in optimizing the growth of sugar crystal in crystallization pans or for the quality control of the final product.

Images are captured at different phases of the process using an automated sample collecting device which includes the Smart camera.A powerful, adaptive and automatically controlled LED light source backlights the crystals on a glass surface in front of a high-resolution digital camera with optical magnification.

Salient Features
  • Direct mounting on the pan wall
  • Simple design and rugged construction, suitable for the pan floor environment
  • Crystals observed from 5-micron size and throughout the strike
  • Processed Crystal Image showing on a TFTdisplay
  • Provides real time information essential to prevent the formation of agglomerates and false grains
  • Local controlled automatic flushing valve for cleaning of viewing glass field

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