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Parikshak – An Automated Program Grading Tool

Parikshak is an Automated Program Grading and Analysis tool. It allows teachers to conduct programming exams in online mode, with auto-evaluation of student programming assignments, analysis after programming tests, etc.

Parikshak can significantly reduce the load of the faculty and give timely feedback to students, thereby leading to smooth and efficient handling of programming assignments/exams

Use Cases
  • Educational Organizations - Teachers can conduct, evaluate & analyze programming exams online.
  • Corporate can use it to test and enhance the programming knowledge of their employees.
  • Employers can use it in the recruitment process for testing the programming capabilities of candidates.
Salient Features
  • Three types of problems are supported.
    • Write a Complete program.
    • Complete the snippet.
    • Debug the program.
  • Includes detailed logging of student submissions - for analysis.
  • Support for plagiarism detection in student submissions.
  • Live monitoring of exams and assignments.
  • Instant and intuitive feedback to students during and after the test.
  • Quality question bank available.
Technical Specifications

  • Easy scheduling tests and conduct exams online
  • Interface for adding questions and test cases.
  • Supports programs in C, C++,  Java, Perl, PHP and Python.
  • Common environment for programming in different languages.



Platform Required (if any)

Web-based access on


Contact Details for Techno Commercial Information

  • Chandra Shekhar, +91-22-2756 5303 Ext: 262
  • Priyanka Monde, +91-22-2756 5303 Ext: 288

     Email: parikshak[at]cdac[dot]in