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QR Ticketing System for Transit

Aligned with the Govt. of India’s Smart Cities mission, the QR Ticketing System is a completely indigenous solution and addresses, three very pertinent requirements for transit operators:

i) Enabling cashless Initiatives

ii) Reducing rush hour queues

iii) Cost cutting by replacing tokens in Metro rails and paper tickets in Buses. 

QR Ticketing offers facility of single or multiple journey QR coded tickets for an individual or group. QR Tickets may be purchased through Mobile App or Web App.

Key Offerings of QR Ticketing by CDAC: Fully integrated ticketing system – Ticket Generator, Mobile & Web App with Payment Gateway integration, PTO AFC integration, QR scanning & Validation terminal software.

Use Cases

1 QR Ticketing for Metro Operators
2 QR Ticketing by Bus Operators
3 Integrated ticketing

Salient Features

1.Flexible Architecture: QR Ticketing System has an architecture that can be in a completely distributed fashion or in a fully centralized model.
2.Secure: The QR codes are securitized with Digital Signature ensuring non-repudiation. 
3.Choice of Security Algorithms: Operators can also choose to encrypt their own tickets with their existing security algorithms.
4.Enables cashless initiatives, Reduces Peak hour rush, cost effective measures by doing away tokens (in metro) and paper tickets (for PTOs).
5.Single or multiple journey QR coded tickets for an individual or a group can be issued.
6.Authenticity, integrity, non-repudiation and confidentiality of the QR ticket.
7.QR coded tickets can be pre-booked at commuter convenience and can be validated in online/offline mode.


Technical Specifications

QR Ticket system developed by CDAC is compliant with the MoHUA QR Ticketing Specifications, namely, Specifications for QR Ticketing System for Transit Applications Version 1.1.

These specifications were released by MoHUA for Nationwide adoption on 19th April,2021and are available at MoHUA website



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